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Alright, this makes it easier. I dunno how long this page'll be up yet

Anyway, pictures of Zeke (alot of these links go to deviant art pages). I may or may not make thumbnails later.

Finishing/coloring pictures, or anything done to them that requires the computer, is postponed indefinatly till my wrists/hands get better. wee~~...

New pics in bold-ness and near bottom of sections


Normal Zeke

Ruined Castle, Ruined Dreams: Piccy of Zeke in the rain. I dunno about the title. I NEED to finish this but...neh. Recolored Nachimon on his shirt, need to name that digimon *nods*

Pretty Sailor Soldier Zeke: Heh, poor Zeke.

Chibi Zekey-kun: Chibi Zeke and Nachimon from the sketches (see below). I like the coloring here for some reason

Zeke - Charater Sketches: Just what it says. Sketches getting Zeke's image down.

Fuku Zeke: Zeke in a Japanese School girl's uniform. I like how his face came out, nyo

French Maid Zeke: Still in B&W, but atleast scanned. Not all that sexy, but sorta funny, maybe? I like crying chibi-Zeke, atleast ^^;

42: I actaully drew Zeke when he was happy and in men's clothes. Wow

Pain: I worked on this alot when I was in training for work. After a fight scene of somesort. I've been trying to write a story with Zeke and Gijinka Nachimon and one of Micha's wererat chars, but I can't figure out how to start it. This pic'll be from some scene in that. {And, there should be an 'optional' hentai scene in it too. wee~~}

To Be Scanned/Finished

Sailor Zeke Comic: Little comic of chibi Zeke/Sailor Zeke ^^ (I don't have the comic done, but you can see the (big) sketches here)

S&M Zeke 1: Hidden...not sure when to finish it. No action, just Zeke tied up somewhere

S&M Zeke 2: may or may not do this. mostly outfit from Fic Outlaw wrote...may just alter S&M1, not sure

Furry Zeke

Furry Zeke take one: I decided that Furry/Dragon Zeke has a much different personality than Zeke but he's still sorta Zeke...I dunno

Oekaki Furry Zeke: My Oekaki work sucks. neh (Apears to be done. That board is screwy now. Bugger)


Nachimon take one: First sketch of Nachimon (as you can see, I changed Zeke's age. Cause I felt of it). Other than the chibis, only one I got to work...

Various Gijinka (Human, if I spelled it right) Nachimon sketches

You made it all the way down here? Wee. I should upload some things soon, but dun count on scans until later. Sleep now, nyo...