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Yes, my backgrounds are always black/dark. white hurts my eyes...

Ahem, I put up pictures. Yay. Or...whatever. Me make thumbnails, all that fun stuff, comments and what not. Stuff listed by who was in charge when it came time to sign the pic. New-ness will appear at the top of each section, should we ever actaully update after this (don't hold your breath)

Look and stuff, or just go back.


Culumon Pooka ;P |Kay's creation, my piccy. Finished this up in school, as a project actaully. I hope we get a good grade on it ^^|

DNAngel fans will recognize the pose I stold here. |Zhen-Lin. Zhen-Lin is cool too, and muchly kawaii. He's the mortal form of DainqiLong (the energy-dragon below).|

|This is a concept-sketch of a char of Luc's, Nam Hsia Zhong Lung (WoD Hengeyokia stuff. WoD is copyrighted to White Wolf) in his dragon/archid form. I feel like redoing this for some reason.|

{Li-Ren is cool, damnit} 

Much happier piccy of Trever, ne? |Tre rocks. Really. This is the first pic we drew of him, in some weird (probably Wyld-induced) mid-shift. Testing feathers and what not, I guess. But Tre is still damn cool.|

I think he was to be a charry.  I dunno what to make of him. |I'm...really not sure what this is. I found it in an old book and liked it enought to scan and upload it. I dunno what that weapon is...gun-knife? Hell if I know. Its kinda nifty tho.|

Marin-kun ga kawaii, ne?  Usualy no use JPGs anymore, but GIF made his skin look green for some st00pid reason. |Martin-kun. From a story we're working on. Me likes how the wings came out, I do.|

KEEEEEL! |Hee. Since I've started chatting with people in my digimon RPGs I've gotten...weirder? A friend said I looked so cute when I shouted "KEEL!" and that sparked this picture. ^_~|

La. |Quick sketch of a char from another digimon frontier RPG. This one's still around. And Jin is fun.|

Yip! ^.^ |Coytlmon is/was a fan-made-digimon of ours. She's either Perfect or Hybrid B level, depending on the version. Based off Coyote stories/myths.|

Hm...I want find place to play her again... |Early sketch of another fan-made-digimon. Hybrid H level (Frontier Stuff). From an online RPG that died. Pretty, thou.|

Mostly the same as above, only more oh her body.  I like the added feather in front. |More complete pic of Gekkoudramon (same digimon as above). No sure how like staff, but like her.|

COOKIE!!! |Tis me, yay! Kawaii (or atleast what I think is kawaii) me with a giant cookie. Or a really small me. With my old hair style. Old pic, tho not as old as the rabbit mage pics. Forgot I had this and recently found it ^_^|

DainqiLong |Kay, Micha and I all worked on this one (possibly Glenda too) but as no one signed it before it was scaned and the only watermark-thingy we have is my name, it's under me. Uh...yay? I dunno. Pretty pretty dragon. Took ages. He's suppost to look as if he's more made of energy than matter, and the wings are suppost to not have skin. Partiually inspired from Dragon Zap in Grandia 2|
-Ooo, lots of talking here-

I'm not done talking yet... |Mirror images and what not. Yes, I know the file name is wrong for the song, but I like "apples" better, so there ;P|

Sometimes... |Simple BG, atleast compared to when I usualy play with photoshop. RP char (His name is Trever) semi-image song? I dunno. Its hard to draw featherd wings as "tattered." The song is by Sentaced|

|Old picture. Rabbit mage man practicing magic. Very dark, and the light didn't quite work as planned...|

Yah! |'nuther old one. I'm very proud of this. One of the first times I played with photoshop so much on a single pic, I think. Took forever to get the magic right. Same char as the one above, inspired partually by Grandia|

|Pretty foxy-man. He had some sorta backstory...I forgot most of it. Name and hair color were forced out of a friend ;P Nifty furs|

I forget this kid's name.  And, yes, the hair is based off Team Rocket, so shush. |"Cover" pic from a story that sorta stoped dead after the first page break. I hate it when that happens...|

{I'm not sure if I miss Ryousei or not... |Micha's char from an online BESM game (that the fates forced us to quit) in human form. Does this count as a commision?|

Rena-chan ga kawaii desu yo! | I didn't draw this. But it took me atleast an hour or so to copy it from my d-ark (LCD screens don't scan). I'm proud of it and it's many kawaii. Possibly the first american transfer of this? I dunno, I did it shortly after the d-ark came out|


Yatta for Turiya! {Concept pic of Turiya (Yeah, I know Diz signed this too, but I insist that its mine). She's a char for a story we're working on, and also partially-ported to RO. Hopefully I'll be able to play her again when it comes back and/or commercial. Assassin rabbit-chicks are cool!}

-Weeee!- {This pic is fun. Its animated, yeah? It spins. Old studies of odd poses. I didn't feel like uploading the still pic.}

All too often, this is what we do most the day. {Despite Diz's signature on this pic, I'm fairly certain I did it. Tis old, it is. Anyway, that's me, Diz and Kay (left to right). Kay's image is largely random, as he still hasn't decided on/discovered how he looks. Right...tis the three of us trying to decide what to do. Wee.}

Caw! {I like this one much better, tis Koronae the corbae/crow bygone/spirit (depending on what version you go with) an RP char of Diz and mine in crow form. She looks angry about something, eh?}

Meh...I dunno. {Not very proud of this, but, uh...its up or something. I keep meaning to redo this...from an RP on XFM}


/Hmph, I don't know why I'm dealing with this but it's here anyway. Simple self portrait, or the sketch of it atleast. Big fucking deal\



|Ph34r Jacob, yes| -JR is fun. He a nifty char of mostly-Diz's but we play some too. Color-job is uncompleted, but like how hair came out, do-

Ebil sedated Tamers are fun!  Wai! -Lala, I make pic. It pretty pic. Diz help with color, me think she do most of color on comp but me forget. This char from Tamers: a Digimon RPG and his two (at the time of make picture) digimon.-

These pics are copyrighted to us, except for Vash and Renamon (tho the pics themselves are ours...well, i copied renamon from my d-ark, but still...). don't use them without permision or I'll steal a page from Glenda and bite your head off. have a nice day