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We dable in photography as well. Actaully, we're currently thinking of going into some form of it for a career, but that's neither here nor there (or is it?). Anyway, I made this page cause I wanted to put some photos we took up. No thumbnails yet, cause I don't know if I want them or not *shrugh*

As with the drawings, new-ness appears on top. Maybe. And most of these are croped somewhat. You'll be able to tell.

This crow refused to play the Corvid Photography Game with me. So I managed to get quite a few pictures of him(?) before I decided I shouldn't spend the whole roll on one subject. Those are Fruit Loops he's eating, IIRC.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Tig stalks a chimpmnk through the glass door (A bigger version of the pic)

Three of the grackles from the flock that's taken over our yard at the squirrel feeder/old dog bowl

Pretty robin-birdy in the front yard. I didn't know Robins had white around their eyes before ^_^;

Nice close-up of one of "our" grackles at the bird bath

Three of our flock in the front yard, food-hunting. I like the grass color

Rather dark and not-very-good picture of a bluejay on the birdfeeder

Same BlueJay as above, but better picture and different angle

A pair of cardinals, one male one female, on the birdfeeder

As with the other crap on this page, these photos are copywrited to us, tho the content is not nessicarlly. Do not taunt happy fun ball. Pull pin and get away.