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{Links page is mine cause it was my idea to make a line of link buttons, or somethin'. Anyway, this is our link page, here you will find links to all sorts of crap. Woopie.
At the moment we've only got links that have banners or buttons, but that may change. I've only arranged the big ones, cause I feel like it. Hover the pointer over the pic/link for info (all captions by me, unless otherwise noted), if aplicable. Sale not vaild in US, Canada, or any other region of the earth. Have a Day.}

Oi! Link me, please? Use one of these buttons, do (clicking'll send you back to the main page). Resize as needed:Meh...Meh!


Bedlam Inc!Ah...Manna's page.  Home of Kenji.  Mm, Kenji...Zag's page.  With...stuff...or something.
Nice DNAngel site, thisWeird/funny video game site, yepVery good comics.  I need to catch up on themHee ^_^Canidate for Goddess siteNother Candiate for Goddess site.  Updated more often than the one below.This site is screwed up.  But in a good way.  Home of Goth TK!  Not updated latelyKawaii Purity.  Pretty picturesTo quote Diz... "Its funny damnit!"  Go visit now!

Friends: Snowy's site.  Good artwork and what not.  Go there tooBird is a friend I need to talk to more often.  "banner" stold from her front pageHomepage of a palace we use.  What's palace?  They'll tell you!

Art: Cool pics, some weird tho.  Don't like this banner, but its the one you're asked to useNice art.  Espically like the Cream Puff fighters ^_~V

Canidate for Goddess/Pilot Canidate: Not a bad page.  Not updated often tho.  Maybe I have an old URL...?

Digimon: Megchan's message board is GOOD.  We go through periods of posting or not posting.  At the moment we're away from itFET's page is also damned good.  Pay attention to the damned info buttons and news!

Suikoden: Sukio Source.  Good Suikoden info page.

Random Anime:

MST3k/MiSTings: MST info club's page.  Ripped the top logo for a link banner again.These guys have a damned good archive of MiSTings.  See above and Bird's page.

Humor: Heh.   I need to read this again."The Daily Probe: Because real news sucks."  I'm not kidding, that's their logo

Random Oddness: I can say nothing of this site.  Go look yourselvesI'd'a used the link with his head, but that thing scares me...

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Just in case it needs to be said...we claim no responsablity for things on any of these pages (save the link back to our and BI's page). Procceded at your own risk. I am well aware that putting this at the bottom means its uselss and will not be read. Nyo.