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Simple real formating. I don't care. Lets get to the scans, shall we?

Sadly, it seems that my scanner is on it's way out (the poor thing is rather old), so these scans are not the greatest...

Volume 3

Colory-goodness. And Sasa-chan!

Jacques seems a little more out of it than usual...

Thomas's past

Caesar and Apple appear. Yay!

Wake up!

I'm not entirly sure why Apple is dragging Caesar around, but it's cute ^^

Caesar kawaii....

Mask-less Luc-sama

Jacques is so cute here. I think I'll make a LJ icon from this

Role call!

Some sort of flow chart...

Yuber appears. Yay for Yuber!

Because I like it, it gets to be its own file...

Geddoe unleashes the True Lightening Rune.

That's it. For now atleast.

If, for some reason, you would like to go back to Meh...go ahead